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Questions For Cosmetology & Barber School Recruiters

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The Top 5 Questions To Ask Beauty or Barber School Recruiters

(1) Is your college accredited?

(1) Why you should ask this question: Accredited colleges follow high standards and keep track of important statistics such as how many students pass their state board exams; how many of their students actually finish college; and how many students get jobs within 6 months after graduating.

(2) How many students who complete your course pass the State Licensure exam?

(2) Why you should ask this question: A high percentage would mean that the college in question will focus on helping you not only to graduate, but to pass the licensure exam in your state as well.

(3) How many of your graduates who pass their Licensure exam obtain employment?

(3) Why you should ask this question: Many cosmetology colleges don't place individuals with an employer. However, if it is an accredited college, they still have to keep statistics on how many graduates find employment. A high average indicates that the college in question has a great reputation among employers in the area. A high average would also indicate that graduates were trained well in interviewing and people skills.

(4) What are your enrollment requirements?

(4) Why you should ask this question: There may be different enrollment and entrance requirements for many schools. Some will require that you have your high school diploma or GED, while others will require that you have completed a certain amount of your high school education. Some colleges will require an enrollment fee up front, while others will not. Even if you have all ready made up your mind as to which college to attend it is good to have a list of these requirements so that you will be prepared on the date of your enrollment.

(5) Can I come for a tour of your college?

(5) Why you should ask this question: You can find out many things over the telephone about a college. But don't make up your mind until you have toured 2 or 3 colleges that you have narrowed your choices down to. A simple 10 to 20 minute visit will give you knowledge a telephone conversation could never offer. Such as: is the college in a good location (easy access, crime rate, etc). Do the students there look busy - content - professional - ethnically diverse? Is there a display of the books you'll be studying, and equipment you'll be using? How old or new is the facility and equipment? Is the clinic floor busy with customers? As you can see, this list could go on and on. The visual information you will acquire on a tour is incredibly valuable. A tour could change your mind.

beauty school client receiving a service

Who Else Can Give You Answers?

Salons and Day Spas.

Try to call 10 local Salons, Day Spas and Beauty Corporations and ask them: (1) Which local cosmetology schools do they recommend? (2) Which local cosmetology schools do they prefer to hire from? (3) Why do they prefer to hire from specific schools? (4) Where did they attend school? (5) Did they feel they received sufficient training?

Other Questions You May Want to Ask

How much is the tuition? Please Note: Never make your decision based on tuition alone. Some colleges are half the cost of others, but there is usually a reason for that. Always be sure to take a tour of the schools you are considering - that is the point where you will realize why certain colleges are worth the extra cost.

♦ Are all costs included in the tuition?

♦ Is there financial aid available?

♦ Are there any up-front fees I need to know about?

♦ Is there an entrance exam?

♦ What grade average do I need to maintain to graduate?

♦ Do you have an attendance policy?

♦ How long does it take to complete your course?

♦ How large are the classes?

♦ What can you tell me about the instructors?

♦ When was the college established?

♦ What curriculum do you teach?

♦ Can you mail me information on your school before I take a tour?

♦ Do you have a website?

♦ Do you have part time and evening classes?

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