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Location: VIDALIA, LA

Accredited since: 1997
Courses Offered:
Cosmetology 1500 hours
Instructor 750 hours

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Educated Speculation about Cosmetology History

When describing cosmetology practices in the Dark Ages of Britain it is an act of educated speculation to conclude that the Brits, probably used chalk to whiten neck and forehead, red ochre for lips and cheeks, ashes to darken eyebrows. Hot tongs to curl hair. Hair was always long and parted in the middle. Just look at any of the aged works of art during that time, and it would be a matter of deduction.

It is known that public baths with heated floors were a major form of entertainment. Men and women undressed in different rooms, and walked through a series of five rooms, which got hotter and hotter until the sweat dripped off them, which they then scraped off with a sickle-like knife, and oiled themselves with light oil before immersing themselves in the bath-proper. The baths had restaurants, meeting rooms, and exercise rooms. Everyone wore tunics. Women could have pleats. Women wore mantles; men, togas. The mantles and togas were kept in place with a shoulder broach, or nothing. Sometimes the men belted their togas with pants or loincloth beneath. In winter they would wear two or three tunics for warmth. Rich and poor alike wore the same tunic to bed as they wore during the day.

In ancient China beautiful nails were a prominent part of a personís image. In Japan the art of the Geisha and her makeup is centuries old, probably originating after 1600 A.D. The classic vision of the Geisha is her white face, red lips, dark eyes and ornate hair.

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